Tuesday, February 2, 2010

OpenGovRadio Today (2/2/10): "Engagement-Lite" and the OpenGov Dashboard

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Has OpenGov become so fixated on the "Transparency" aspect that it is ignoring "Public Engagement"?

Public engagement advocate Peter Levine writes that White House's "Open Government Initiative" has focused so much on "Transparency" that it has neglected the other two aspects: "Participation" and "Collaboration".

1.  About Peter Levine and his work (do watch the short, non-music video: "Song of a Citizen")

2.  Peter Levine's blog-post (1/27/10): "The Path Not Taken (so far): Civic Engagement for Reform"

But just HOW do we measure the progress of federal agencies in "Transparency", "Participation", and "Collaboration"?

According to the Open Government Directive, the White House is scheduled to unveil the OpenGov "Dashboard" on Feb. 6th.  But what exactly will its "gauges" measure? We'll discuss that with Katie Delahaye Paine, the author of "Measuring Public Relationships: The Data-Driven Communicator's Guide to Success"

3.  KDPaine's homepage:

4.  KDPaine's blog-post (8/24/09): "How To Measure Transparency and Open Government"

5.  KDPaine: Developing a Dashboard for Measuring Public Relations

Other Websites to which we may refer, during this week's show:

A.  President's Memorandum on Transparency and Open Government (1/21/09)

B.  Open Government Directive (issued by OMB, 12/8/09)

C.  "The White House Open Government Dashboard: Seeking Your Input" (from OSTP blog, 12/16/09):

D.  The February Open Government Directive Workshop (3rd in the series, 2/17/10)

E.  The OpenGov Playbook (a wiki of resources about the Open Government Directive)

F.  Gov2.0 Camp New England (March 6th at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government)

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