Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OpenGovRadio 2/23/10: How to Measure Success in OpenGov

Here's what we'll be talking about on today's show (2-3pm ET, Tuesday, February 23th) on OpenGovRadio. We invite you to call in with your comments and questions (917-388-4210).

Under the President's Open Government Inititiative, federal agencies have been told to become more "Transparent, Participatory, and Collaborative".  Howcver, the White House's Open Government Directive has NOT made it clear (i.e., transparent) to federal agencies just how their efforts in those three areas of OpenGov are going to measured and judged.

And recent remarks from the White House are unclear as to when or how official guidance will be forthcoming, even as federal agencies wrestle with writing their OpenGov Plans (due April 7th) :

1. OSTP Blog (2/9/10):  Evolving the Open Government Dashboard with You (excerpt below) :
As such, the Open Government Working Group is preparing a set of "stretch criteria" to help evaluate the plans and celebrate those agencies that exceed the minimal requirements of the Directive to reflect the President's vision of openness and accountability as articulated in the Memorandum on Transparency and Open Government. We are eager to seek your input in this process, so keep an eye out for opportunities to weigh in over the next two weeks.

After agencies have successfully delivered on the demanding deadlines set out for the first 120 days, Version 2.0 of the Dashboard can deploy a more holistic set of metrics, informed by agency Plans. Identifying the right set of metrics will help steer agencies toward high-impact efforts in the years to come.
Dave Lewan of ForeSeeResults will be on the show today to explain how his company is using standard tools to measure the levels of Transparency, Participation, and Collaboration with citizens at federal agency websites, and how that approach can work elsewhere.

2.  The Inaugural ForeSee Results’ E-Government Transparency Index (2/16/10)

3.  Feb. 18th Webinar (39 minutes; with Q&A) on the E-Government Transparency Index

Also, we'll discuss a keyword search of "measur" (leave off the "e") on these documents:

4.  Open Government Directive (12/8/09)

5.  OPEN GOVERNMENT: A Progress Report to the American People (December 2009)

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