Monday, March 8, 2010

OpenGovRadio 3/9/10: Last Saturday's "Gov2.0 Camp New England"

Here's what we'll be talking about on this week's show of OpenGovRadio (2-3pm ET, Tuesday, March 9th).  We invite you to listen and join the conversation by calling in with your comments and questions (917) 388-4210.

We will looking back at last Saturday's "Gov2.0 Camp New England" at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge, Mass. (aka, "Gov20NE")  was "an unconference about using social media tools and Web 2.0 technologies to create a more effective, efficient and collaborative government."

We will talking with the Gov20NE's organizersLaurel Ruma, Jess WeissSarah Bourne, and (we hope) Yasmin Fodil and Rob Goodspeed.

After they share their descriptions and impressions about the gathering, we'll turn to our listeners who can call-in with their comments and questions.  Did you attend in-person?  online?  We'd like to hear your feedback on what you got out of it, as well as how things could be improved for future events.  Or maybe you'd like to tell us about another upcoming "OpenGov" activities in the New England region.

Here are the main links that we'll be visiting during the show's discussion:

1.  The Wiki-pages for Gov2.0 Camp New England

2.  People who registered for "Gov20NE" (but may not have attended)

3.  Massachusetts Governor's  "Civic Engagement" webpage for state agencies

And it's always handy to have these standard OpenGov references:

4.  President Obama's Memorandum on "Transparency and Open Government" (1/21/09)

5.  White House's Open Government Directive (12/8/09)

6.  The IAP2's "Core Values for the Practice of Public Participation"

NEXT Week (3/16/10):  Thomas Bryer returns for a more in-depth discussion about danger of the "democracy bubble" in the Open Government movement, as described in his paper "President Obama, Public Participation, and an Agenda for Research and Experimentation".

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