Tuesday, March 30, 2010

OpenGovRadio 3/30/10: Who should own "OpenGov" within a federal agency?

Here's what we'll talk about on OpenGovRadio during this week's show (2-3pm ET, Tuesday, March 30th):

Who should own "OpenGov" within a federal agency?

In other words, which particular office within a federal agency (e.g., Public Affairs, Info.Technology, CIO, etc.) should have primary responsibility for implementing that agency's "Open Government Plan"?

Or should no one particular office be responsible?

We'll be talking with Steve Radick, an Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton where he works in their "social media/Government 2.0 practice, working with clients across the public sector to integrate social media strategies and tactics into their organizational strategies".

Mr. Radick also has a blog called "Social Media Strategery" at which he recently wrote a post (see linked title, below) discussing which part of an organization should own "social media".  Also known as "Web 2.0", those technologies are also expected to be a significant factor in the Open Government Plans of federal agencies (which are due on April 7th).

1.  "Who Owns Social Media? Everyone and No One"
 by Steve Radick, Social Media Strategery, 3/23/10

OpenGovRadio's host Stephen Buckley invites you to listen on your computer and, if you wish, join the live conversation with your comments and questions by calling (917) 388-4210.

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