Thursday, January 22, 2009

Whistleblowing as One Aspect of Transparency

A lot has happened since my last posting (e.g., Obama is our new president), so I wanted any new visitors to know that I will be focusing on the bigger picture, now, with respect to "transparency" in government.

Even though "whistleblowing" is an element of government transparency, there is much afoot on a much larger scale and, so, that larger aspect needs my, and all of your, attention.

In a nutshell, President Obama has directed, in a memorandum signed on his first full day of work, that all parts of the executive branch will be more transparent in order for citizens to better be involved in how to make their government "work better and cost less".

From Steve Clift's "Democracy Online" blog:

Having worked in Washington, D.C. for 25 years, I see a danger that the good intentions of the Obama administration might be subverted by those who are invested in the status quo, often posing as "new converts".

That is why they need help, from kindred souls on the outside, in shaping a system of "citizen involvement" that can withstand the efforts of those who will try to bend it to their own special interests.